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A Rhode Island Criminal Defense Attorney can save you thousands of dollars in fines and jail time
if you have been arrested for a criminal offense in Rhode Island such as a DUI. You deserve the best
legal representation. Contact us today to learn how we can help!


Rhode Island Criminal Defense Lawyer

Too often, honorable citizens of Rhode Island have found themselves on the wrong side of the legal system. If you’re one of the many that have been arrested on a criminal offense, we can help. For an aggressive, knowledgable, and experienced criminal defense attorney, contact the Law Offices of Kensley R. Barrett today to receive a no-obligation, free consultation. Your future may depend on it…
Kensley R. Barrett, Esq


One of the most important traits a lawyer can have is honesty, especially when it comes to the client-attorney relationship. We guarantee to not shield any facts from you and “tell it like it is” so you completely aware of everything happening.


Transparency is key when selecting the right lawyer for your case. You don’t want to have the wrong lawyer distort facts or keep information from you. We make sure to keep you informed throughout the entire process.


You want a lawyer that has done a thorough investigation, knows your case inside and out, and will provide a strong legal defense on your behalf. Our aggressive legal representation has won us case after case for years.


Experience is key to winning criminal defense cases. Not only do we have a number of years of legal experience under our belt but we also have a diverse set of experience, having worked in the Rhode Island Public Defender’s Office, U.S. Department of Education, and more.

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Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation where we’ll discuss how we can help defend your case and what legal options you have.

Research & Investigation

If you do decide to work with us, we will conduct a thorough investigation to understand how we can best defend you in court.

Save Your Life

Criminal cases can often carry months, years, and sometimes decades in jail. Don’t leave your future up to chance – contact us today to save it!

Rhode Island Criminal Defense Services

Being charged with a criminal offense is a serious matter and can often be life-altering. Here at Kensley Barrett Law, we understand how much stress and pressure it can bring you. That is why we specialize in defending individuals who have been arrested on a criminal charges ranging from misdemeanor to felony and theft to DUI. Regardless of the type of criminal defense you need, we can help. Learn more about our Rhode Island criminal defense specialties below.


Each Rhode Island DUI (Driving Under the Influence) case is unique in having its own set of circumstances and facts that must be uncovered and understood. For this reason, we treat each and every DUI case with the care and precision it deserves. The RI DUI lawyer you choose must be able to thoroughly explain the details of your case in a meaningful and thoughtful way as to win your trial. DUI cases are very serious and can include jail time, criminal record, revoked driving privileges, and high fines. For years, Kensley Barrett has been helping his clients fight DUI charges and avoid seeing jail or even paying hefty fines. He has been honored to help upright citizens of Providence and Newport RI and surrounding towns fight for their rights and wants to help you protect yours, too!


Having a criminal record can drastically affect your life, especially when it comes to employment. It can also create an unwanted social stigma that could affect your personal life. If you have a criminal record and understand these pressures, there is something you can do about it – expungement. The expunging process allows you to erase or seal your criminal record. That means that no one will be able to see it again. An expungement can help clean-up past mistakes, now that they are behind you. Contact us today to learn how we can help expunge or seal your criminal record.


In the 2nd amendment of the US Constitution, it guarantees that all individuals have the right to bear arms. However, there are still grey areas which leave regular citizens open to legal processing. If you have been arrested on a gun or weapons charge, you want to make sure that you retain a lawyer with the qualifications to help win your case.


When facing a theft charge in the state of Rhode Island there are a lot of factors that determine the defendants fate. A conviction in a theft case can dramatically affect your ability to find employment, housing and damage your reputation. It is essential that your theft charge is treated with precision, by a lawyer that understands the intricacies of this type of criminal charge. Here at the Law Offices of Kensley R. Barrett, we understand what it takes to win criminal theft charges and will stop at nothing to help defense yours.


Have you been arrested on a drug charge? If so, you need to take immediate action to ensure the best possible outcome. Rhode Island drug laws can be difficult for regular citizens to navigate – they can also be very strict. Possessing just 1 to 5 kg of Marijuana with the intent to distribute can mean a felony with upwards of 10 years in prison and a maximum fine of $500,000! In addition to long jail sentances and hefty fines, a felony conviction can make it nearly impossible to find proper employment. Needless to say, a drug conviction in the state of Rhode Island can dramatically alter your life. If you or your child has been arrested on a drug charge, contact us today for your free consultation!

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a serious criminal offense that can carry a variety of different penalties from jail time to community service. There are a number of charges that fall under the Domestic Violence umbrella, such as: assault and battery, burglary, sexual assault, vandalism, trespassing, stalking, harassment, restraining orders, and terroristic threats. Our criminal defense firm can help defend any and all of the aforementioned charges.  To ensure your rights are protected in a domestic violence case, contact us today!


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